Friday Fragments

Well it's been a very busy blog week for me - the Autism Awareness Month event kicks off today, and getting that running and doing almost 15 reviews has been busy.  I've also started receiving products for my Moms Month reviews and I just put up my June Traveling with Kids pitch today, which has caused another flood of fabulous emails.  This translates into one messy house, but also a great deal of fun for all of you AB readers!

One of the things I'm most proud of is that I have several fellow bloggers who've agreed to contribute posts this month, so I'll get to showcase all of them (including FF's organizer Mrs. 4444)

As for the kids, they're running me ragged - Liam didn't go to bed until almost midnight last night and Erik was up at 2:30 and 3:00 which makes for a long night for mommy.  I did get a wonderful night's sleep Tuesday though when Wayne did the overnight duty for me and let me sleep from 11 - 7, darn that felt good!

I've also discovered the benefit of twitter hashtags, I never really paid attention before, but I've found some great #Autism resources by using the hashtag!

Our whole family is wearing blue today and tomorrow to LIGHT IT UP BLUE for AUTISM - I'll also be posting pics of our 'blue palm' once I get the lights up later today!  

I've also got a Light It Up Blue fundraising page at:
where you can support Autism Speaks with a financial donation! 
I am hoping to raise $250 for Autism Speaks this month through that portal, 
so if you can, please give!

Well, Erik is asleep and Liam needs to be, so I'm going to cut my frags there... and wish you all a happy Friday!

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