Overstock Scavenger Hunt Week 5 - All Dressed Up...

Here is the last scavenger hunt clue for the Overstock.com game I am playing... I hope you have enjoyed playing along with me :-)

Start navigating from www.overstock.com

1.)     Department: These products help to cover up our “bare essentials” without which, we would be sporting a suit of the birthday variety.

From Bare to There!  ... Heading into Clothing and Shoes

2.)     Categories: Our offspring were this clothing when they are young. You could also say our “kids” wear this clothing.

Guess I'm not shopping for myself or hubby... must be shopping for those pesky Children that keep growing whether I want to or not...

3.)     This clothing is not for our daughters but for our sons.

Robyn will be disappointed that I'm not shopping for her... maybe with that fabulous Overstock.com gift certificate that I hope to win... but for now I'm going to follow my clues to ... boys clothes

Yet again, there are several ways to get to the heart of the matter... and find exactly what I'm shopping for... this time, it's for my super fast growing little guy, Erik... who, while by age still hasn't hit the 3 month mark, has fast tracked his way into 6-9 month size clothes, so I'm already figuring that by the time he hits the 6 month mark we'll be into 12 month size clothes...

I found these adorable Monkey PJ's

What can you find... for your kids to wear... or maybe for yourself? 

Disclaimer: I am participating in a contest to win prizes from overstock.com and wrote this post as one of my entries.