Friday Fragments

Well, the tree is up and has been since Monday... still no decorations on it, but both boys are fascinated by the twinkling lights ... I HEART my pre-lit Christmas tree!

This year my after Christmas shopping trip will be for new outdoor lights - I have two strings of mini-lights that both only half work, so I twined them together and made it work, but I really do need new lights...

I'm glad I bought some holiday baking at my PEO group ladies auction last week, because I have a 10 pound bag of sugar, several different flours and other assorted ingredients sitting in my kitchen waiting to be transformed into yummy Christmas treats... and I'm running out of time.

It would have been great kite flying weather here in Charleston, SC last week, but darn it was cold for South Carolina... I know, I'm not supposed to complain about the weather, but darn it all... I'm supposed to go to the beach for Christmas day... I want to be in a t-shirt or maybe a light sweater, not my long-johns!   Where is my mild, Southern weather?

Okay, so since I complained, I have to do a mea culpa and apologize to my family-in-law who live in London, Ontario and who are digging out from over 150 cm of snow that fell this week... for my American friends that's over a YARD and a HALF!!! or more than 60 INCHES!!!

The only person I haven't finished shopping for this Christmas is Erik... good thing he won't remember anyway, just in case I don't feel like braving the holiday crowds

I'm having trouble with the whole sleep while the baby sleeps thing... because I've always had trouble going back to sleep once I wake up, so I lie down and make lists instead... or get up and write my Friday Fragments posts at 1am

We had a baby shower for one of Robyn's teachers on Thursday - 
86 kids, several parents and 4 other teachers managed to surprise her!  
The party itself was 50 minutes of chaos, but darn it was fun...

It was also a sad time this week for me.  A good friend, Dede Blackburn, one of my PEO Sisters, passed away after almost a year long battle with a rare form of cancer, leiomyosarcoma.  She was a vibrant and vivacious lady who was 69 years young. Please keep her family in your thoughts this holiday season as I'm sure they will miss her smile dearly.

The holidays are somewhat bittersweet for me too, I lost my Oma on New Year's Day 1998 and my wonderful, sweet sister-in-law Shellie on New Year's Day 2001.  

I am also thinking of all my other dear friends who have recently lost loved ones, especially fellow blogger, Vee, who tragically lost her husband and soulmate a few weeks ago at 32 years old.

Okay, no more maudlin... on a happier note, Robyn's school collected a tonne of great stuff to donate to the local Animal Shelter so that the kitties and puppies will have a happier holiday and Liam's school collected food and money in support of the food bank and homeless shelters - it's great to see the schools helping us to teach the kids to give back to their community!

Another happy note ... I still have several giveaways going on ... and today's bonus entry phrase is:
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