Friday Fragments and Pajama City bonus entry!

 I am tickled pink!  My blog world has passed several milestones in the past few weeks and I failed to acknowledge them all until now...  over 1500 google friends!  more than 900 twitter followers and more than 500 facebook fans!  There are also more than 250 people getting AB delivered by email!  Thanks everyone!

We have three goals for Liam this holiday season - sleep in his own bed all night, daytime potty train and unwrap more than one present before being done with Christmas day... we're cautiously optimistic that the first goal may be workable - he spent the entire night in his own bed last night... trying for night number two tonight!

Mrs 4444, who hosts this little fragmented party on her blog halfpastkissintime is also hosting a $100 CSN Stores GC giveaway, which I'm angling to win.. but you can enter too at:

Not only that, but she's hosting another $50 CSN Stores Giveaway on her other blog Mrs 4444 Cooks... which I should also be winning of course... but you can enter here:

Speaking of giveaways, have you noticed my ultra cool picture on my review and giveaway of the pyjama city footed pj's?  Here is the clue to today's bonus entry... Heather is wearing her pj's all over Charleston, today she's wearing them to hang out with a 1400 year old natural wonder not far from her house (and she's mentioned it on her blog this week... you can use google to help you search it out, but you only have until 8:00pm to email your guess to - put guess 1 in the subject!  At 9:00pm I will post my pic of the day and if you guessed right you can leave a bonus comment on the giveaway post!

There will be a new clue