Please be patient...

I know that many of you are waiting anxiously for the announcement of our Fall Follower Cash Prize.  With $750 on the line, I would be too, but to make sure that things are fair and equitable, we will be proceeding with care to ensure that everyone who is eligible to win has that opportunity, and that anyone who cheated and did not do what they were supposed to do for their entries will not win...

To that end, it will take a few days to process the comments and verify the winner, especially since the fourteen bloggers involved all have different schedules and access to their blogs...  so as you wait patiently, please consider entering some of my other giveaways:

  • Bisquick Gluten Free Prize Pack - 10/27

  • Girlology book - 3 WINNERS - 10/25

  • Old El Paso Prize Pack ends 10/24

  • Autographed Book - Love Means Zero - 10/23 (worldwide)

  • 16 Personalized Note Cards ends 10/22

  • And don't forget to pop by tomorrow for the start of the Baby/Pregnancy Celebration, and before that kicks off at NOON tomorrow, there will be a guest post and book giveaway opportunity to win Laura Vosika's new book Blue Bells of Scotland: Blue Bells Trilogy: Book One!