Back to Blogging with SITS - day 1 (my first ever blog post!)

My very first post was called: Welcome and the auspicious day was November 29th, 2009 - so I'm fast approaching my one year blogiversary!   So much has happened in the past year and I'm glad that I started blogging when I did, because it has helped me grow as both a writer and as a person... so this week's SITS Girls Get Back to Blogging kicks off with:


I've been told from an early age I should be writing more - it started in first grade when my teacher took old wallpaper books apart to make covers for 'books' that we could write and illustrate and share with the class.. as I got older I was occasionally struck by inspiration to write different things with mixed results... everything from bad haiku to an almost novel in 7th grade.  For a while it was moldy history essays and treatises about other people's work in college and lately it seems to be text messages, emails and Facebook updates, but I've been sharing my love of good bargains, interesting recipes and family 'drama' with my friends and family who have suggested I blog about it... and since I'm good at jumping on the bandwagon fairly late in most games, it seemed a good time to start a blog about what happens in my corner of the world...

Well, my blog has evolved slightly from my original intent... after about a week I separated my coupon clipping and bargain hunting away from this blog and started another - Couponning 101 which, since I have been pregnant has become sadly neglected and I'm wondering if I should just find a way to mesh it back into my main blog when I get back into it... or let it die out quietly because there are so many wonderful niche bloggers who do the money saving blog with much more gusto and love than I did...

Otherwise, the evolution of Acting Balanced has seen the introduction of review and giveaway posts and a smattering of sponsored posts that are helping me to find wonderful connections to products, services and people throughout the web.  I have also started reading many more blogs than I ever thought I would follow, many of whom I've found through SITS and who have become important in my life as friends, mentors and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the next five days of posts - I am rather inclined to enjoy this week - I think it will definitely bring me back to Blogging!

On top of everything else The SITS Girls have invited two very special SITStas on this week's Back To Blogging - Read about Thelma & Louise here and  check out the following links Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances, so that you too can win Thelma and Louise!  Check out their blog frog community  for more cool stuff!

Don't forget to stop by my regular MMMmonday post - this week's recipe is Nectarine  Ice Cream with coconut milk... so yummy!

I am also adding a linky here for any SITStas who are participating this week - the linky will appear in all my Back to Blogging posts and you can link up by linking each of your Back to Blogging posts ~ Blog title - topic (ie first post, please comment, favorite title etc) - I am also making it a blog hop linky so feel free to add it to your blog if you want!