Ach Baby Updates

I've been remiss about catching all of you, my bloggy friends up on the latest and greatest news from my pregnancy...

I had my 'big' ultrasound this week... and everything looks great!

I'm measuring 1 week and 2 days ahead of my due date, but they chose not to change the date - not sure if the baby is just big, or if it really is older than we thought, but the O/B is sticking with November 8th as a due date!

And now for the news you've all been waiting for....

It's a .....


Wayne has 'naming rights' for Ach Baby, and he had a girl's name all picked out and ready to go... but still hasn't come up with a boy's name... so any suggestions are welcome :-D

Other family updates:

Robyn did fabulous on her final report card - 6 A's and 2 B's!
Wayne is in the midst of teaching a June course on "Wedding Planning" 
Wayne is also doing a guest post, which will be featured tomorrow!
Liam met 10 of his 14 goals in his IEP this year!
Liam was also accepted into the one day Surfer's Healing camp at Folly Beach on August 17th!  This will be his second year and we are SO excited!
Heather is counting down the days until school starts again - August 18th here I come!
Our trip home to Canada is on schedule now that our passports were renewed with a minimum of fuss - two phone calls and a fax in addition to two attempts at Passport Photos...

Other blog updates:
Have you entered the giveaway for the Rock Stars of the '80's and 90's photo book?