Is it working?

I started this blog when we decided to make a change in Liam's diet and remove the gluten for a month's trial run... to see how he reacts and if it helps his language/ social skills...

We saw immediate results when he was sick... more reactions, more interest and more singing... and some of that has continued but we're plateauing again and he's starting to notice that bread is not in his diet... He stared longingly when I made toast for Robyn this morning and I felt bad that I couldn't offer him any.

I have to take one of his choc. chip cookies with us to Publix because he had a melt down when we didn't stop at the bakery for treats... so now we stop near the bakery and wave to the staff while I dig a ziploc bag out of my purse and give him his treat. Its only going to get harder when my in-laws arrive for the X-mas holiday and he won't be able to share bagels with Papa... that part breaks my heart.

On the bright side, I'm eating way less bread which is probably good for me 2

With the crazy busy week we had, I haven't gotten to the store to buy the ingredients I need to start experimenting with bread - but its' on my agenda for tomorrow to get to Whole Foods and drop a few $$ to experiment with more gluten free foods and recipes.

This post is probably quite disjointed due to the lateness of the hour but I wanted to get my thoughts out so I can rest tonight and be ready for shopping (and hopefully baking) tomorrow!