Summer Fun: TMNT Crime Fighting Costume Box Set Child Size! Ninja Turtle Accessories Review

*** I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion.  

My three year old is a recent devotee of the Ninja Turtles - he's watched every episode available on Netflix and is starting to collect Ninja Turtle toys, books and more, so when an email came through asking for Costume Reviewers who wanted to check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) costumes available from Anytime Costumes, I immediately clicked through and looked to see whether there was a suitable costume that would fit him and was pleasantly surprised to find the TMNT Crime Fighting Costume Box Set Child Size!


I chose it over the more complicated costumes available for several reasons.  Since I knew that Erik wanted it for play and potentially for Halloween, I wanted something that was easy for him to get in and out of with minimal help.  I also don't like full face masks for young children, especially when we need to cross roads and travel on busy streets when trick or treating.  I also like that this set comes with masks for all four TMNT characters so that Erik can be Rafeal, Donatello, Michaelangelo or Leonardo without having to buy more costumes!  The orange mask is more Yellow than Orange in my book, but my son doesn't care. It also easily goes over whatever he's wearing so he doesn't have to get undressed to put the costume on.  Mostly, though I just love the smiles and giggles he's had since receiving it in the mail!  Just seconds after it was delivered he wanted to tear the box apart and start being a Ninja Turtle!  Click Here to check out the full selection of TMNT costumes available for the whole family, as well as other great TV and Movie Character costumes.  You can also Decorate Your Desktop with TMNT images!

When Erik wears this costume set for Halloween, I will probably reinforce the velcro that holds the front and back pieces together with safety pins and I will paint his face green.  It also doesn't come with weapons/accessories, so I might be persuaded to invest in a few of those to make it more authentic. I will also invest in a green sweat suit for him to wear underneath to give him some turtle muscles!  This set is a great choice for parents looking for a fun and versatile play costume that can easily be worn as a fun Halloween costume - and at only $24.99, it is a great value as well!  My only concern now is whether I'll be able to get it off him before bed tonight!