DVD Review: Brewster Leads the Way!

*I received a copy of this DVD at no cost to me to facilitate my review - all opinions are my own*

My boys love having new DVD's and more often than not, we screen them in my car while we wait for my daughter to be picked up after school, but when I opened the envelope and Erik saw Brewster on the cover, he couldn't wait for a car trip - I had to cede my laptop to him so he could watch Brewster Leads the Way right away - and it's barely left the DVD player in my computer since!  

From the publisher:
It’s Brewster’s turn to take the spotlight! Young viewers nationwide are in for thrilling, high-speed adventures featuring one of their favorite chuggers in “Brewster Leads The Way,” the newest addition to the popular Chuggington” DVD series from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Filled with six action-packed episodes featuring relatable storylines and positive messages for preschoolers, “Brewster Leads The Way” is already available to purchase at your favorite retailers or directly from Amazon!
 Throughout this newest assortment of energetic adventures, Brewster takes the lead! In the title episode, Brewster must oversee the transporting of a heavy load with the assistance of the mighty Chuggers. But, when the Chuggers get called away or breakdown, it’s up to Brewster to move “full-steam ahead” and get the job done! And, in “Track Laying Brewster,” when a flash flood causes Rocky Ridge River to overflow, Brewster’s track-laying abilities are put to the test. He has to save Zack, Tyne and Fletch by helping them get their wheels above water – and fast! Additional episodes on the new DVD include “Babysitter Brewster,” “Brewster Meets The Mayor,” “Poor Old Puffer Pete,” “Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox,” and bonus Badge Quest adventure, “Brewster’s Carwash.” The title also contains a Chugger Spotlight segment with a special character montage that centers on Brewster, along with an original Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue music video, and coloring and activity pages, too! 
My Review:

My boys love anything Chuggington, but Erik has always said that Brewster was his favorite Chugger and after watching the Brewster Leads the Way DVD for the past few weeks, I can say that he is still his favorite chugger! He won't let me take the DVD out of my computer!  I had to burn a couple of pictures the other day and he heard the DVD player open - he was right beside me, holding the DVD, waiting for me to put it right back into the computer - and then wanted to immediately kick me off so he could watch it again!

Our favorite episode is Babysitter Brewster, where Brewster is put in charge of watching and teaching Hoot and Toot, which doesn't go very well... needless to say, my boys find this episode really funny.

I personally like that all of the Chuggington episodes have teachable moments and promote good values - in a way that is relatable and fun for my kids.  I know when I set them down with this DVD they will be entertained and learn something about relating to others in a whole new way!

I recommend this DVD to parents of preschoolers or kindergarteners who are looking for entertaining kids programing that help reinforce good values and morals in a freindly and non-threatening way!  Plus, if your kids love trains, they need a little Chuggington in their lives!

You can get more info about DVD, and the whole Chuggington world at www.chuggington.com!