Wednesday Hodgepodge

Thanks to Joyce for hosting...

1. Describe a typical Sunday from your childhood.

For me, growing up in Toronto meant playing in the streets with my friends.  We would play street hockey, football and a baseball variant.

2. How comfortable are you with uncertainty? Explain.

I am okay with uncertainty.  While I do like routine but I also like to balance that with the unknown.  It keeps life fresh and interesting.

3. What have you accomplished recently that might be described as crafty, as in 'arts and crafts' crafty? If crafty doesn't work for you, how about handy? Or both?

I recently declogged a sand box filled sink in a creative way...does that count?

4. Have you ever worked in a 'food place'? What did you take away from the experience?

In all my hospitality experience, I have managed to avoid kitchens.  I know way too many people who are in that business to say that would be a lifestyle I would choose for myself.  Others I know love it but it is just not for me.

5. Cold turkey, talk turkey, what a recent days, which turkey phrase or idiom best applies to you and why? Click on the word turkey if you need to read more about the meaning behind each phrase.

I have been talking to many students about their academic performance at this time of year so I guess I will go with talking turkey as my answer.

6. If you could have any one guest join your Thanksgiving dinner table, who would it be?

Can I answer this as I plan to work on Thanksgiving.  I need to get a lot of writing done and those three days are typically writing gold as no one is around.

7. What is one thing you must accomplish today?

I have to address a review on a paper and get classes ready for tomorrow.  End of term is only two weeks away!

8. Insert your own random thought here.