Saturday Round Up

This week I have learned a lesson about guarding my time.  I tend to be nice and always want to say yes to helping people but this week I realized that I need to say no at times or else my life will become dominated.   This week, I was spread so thin that I had no time to do jobs complete and with the level of excellence that I expect for myself.  I also had very little time for family and household responsibilities.  While midterm time is always crazy around work, I added to the problems by making some commitments that I should have said no to.  Further, I should have been smart enough to ask for help when I needed it.  I even told my students this week in class that asking for help was not a sign of weakness but rather of strength of character.   The funny thing is that I didn't follow my own advice until I talked about it in class and it brought my own lesson into clarity.  I guess the students aren't the only one learning in class.