Celebrating Halloween With Hershey's: York Peppermint Spiders #HersheysHalloween #sponsored

This post is sponsored by Global Influence with product provided by Hersheys. 

Robyn got invited to a pot luck Halloween party at her friend's house and immediately wanted to find something fun, creative and yummy to take to the party - she immediately went to check out Celebrate with Hersheys for fun ideas... and she found that she was drawn to spiders - she saw these fun Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Spiders, but she knew that there was potential for a peanut allergy at the party so she decided to change things up and dug through the  care package we received from from Hershey's and found the perfect option - York Peppermint Patties!  And so it was set... she'd make spiders - minty, yummy spiders...

She made triple chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting and then added her pumpkin shaped York Peppermint Patty, eight pretzel legs and used two yummy Reese's Pieces for eyes (she just used icing for the peanut-free ones)!  She decided to go with straight pretzel legs to give her spiders a little character and she also made some alien spider variations that combined Rolo bases with her yummy minty creations:

She took them to her friend's Halloween Party and got rave reviews - both for the artistry and they yummy Hershey's taste!  Her brothers were big fans too!  She also looked great as a Greek Goddess!

I love that she was able to take an idea from the Celebrate with Hersheys and turn it into something of her own!  Hershey's made our Halloween much more fun and yummy this year!  Have you done something creative with your Hershey's candy?  Got ideas for using up your leftover Halloween Candy?  Share here: