Behind the Author: Scott Eder

I am pleased to invite Scot Eder to his Behind the Author interview here on Acting Balanced as part of his Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour for his latest release, Knight of Flame.

  1. Tell us a little bit about how you write your books: 
I spend a lot of time planning. I need to know the general direction of the story before I start writing, or I lock up. Before I write a serious line of prose, I develop settings, characters, conflicts, and plotlines. I map out how each character's story arc intersects with the others, and the ramifications of those meetings. All of these story ingredients are poured and mixed into a scene-by-scene, detailed outline, which forms the skeletal structure of the first draft. For each scene I document the setting, action, point-of-view character, emotional beats, and reasons for the scene's existence. If a scene doesn't accomplish at least three major functions within the story, it either gets cut or merged with another scene.

Most of the developmental heavy lifting is done by the time I start writing, and I feel this frees me up to let the words flow.     

  1. How long have you been writing and what do you love about it? 
I've been writing seriously with the intent to publish for almost five years now. I wrote some short stories back in college, but I wasn't serious about it. If I were, I would have kept at it. Instead, I dove into a computer career and started a family.

I love it all, well…most of it. I love the act of creation. The whole coming up with a new story idea, fleshing it out, and producing a complete work for others to enjoy blows me away. It's awesome. The editing gets a little old after the fourth and fifth passes, but I keep in mind that it's all for the good of the book.
  1. What hobbies/interests do you have?
I'm an avid fantasy reader, and I've been known to lose too many hours in the stunning graphics of a video game. Over the years, though, bowling has become a large part of Eder family life. My children bowl in several youth leagues. My wife and I run and coach several youth leagues as well as bowling in a mixed league Sunday nights. Our local center has become our second home.
  1. Something people would be surprised to know about me is…
Before I started working on Knight of Flame, and The Chronicles of the Knights Elementalis, I wrote and sold several short stories in a different genre—erotic romance. When I made the decision to focus on writing, I expected to jump right into the grandeur of epic fantasy. Instead, the story ideas that came to me were of a decidedly different nature. As I said, I wrote and sold several, but fantasy is in my soul, and I knew it was only a matter of time before those ideas came to the fore.

  1. If you could invite 4 people (real or fictional, living or dead) to
a dinner party, who would you invite and what would you serve?
Here are my four: Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, James A. Owen, and Brandon Sanderson. I'd keep it simple, pizza and beer, so as not to distract from the conversation. These guys and their collective works have had a dramatic influence not only on my writing, but on my perception of how a successful author carries himself. The best part is that I have been a part of this conversation for the last two years at the Superstars Writing Seminar. And I'll be in the thick of it again next February. If you are an aspiring writer or looking to boost your writing career, you will not find a better seminar on the business side of being a professional writer anywhere in the galaxy. Check it out:

  1. I can’t live without…
Coffee. It used to be Diet Coke, but I switched to coffee a few years ago. A steaming cup of coffee by my right hand is a fundamental part of my writing environment.

  1. Tell us a little about this current book - what was your favorite part about
writing it?
Knight of Flame is a contemporary fantasy with strong romantic elements. I'm an avid Fantasy reader, have been since I was in sixth grade. Over the years, the books that have earned a place in my soul are those that wove a romantic thread through the heroic fantasy elements. With that being so important to me as a reader, it became crucial to me as a writer. In developing the storyline for this book, and the overall arc for the Chronicles of the Knights Elementalis series, I made sure the romantic plotline closely intersected with the main storyline.
Don't get me wrong. It's not all lovey-dovey. At its heart, Knight of Flame rocks the Fantasy.

Relationships fascinate me, so my favorite part about writing this novel was in developing the relationships between the Knights. They are all close, have been for years, and I wanted to show that through their interactions and dialog. It was challenging, but I think I pulled it off. See for yourself.

  1. What's next for your writing?
I'm finishing up the second book in the Chronicles of the Knights Elementalis series, and beginning the planning of the third. While this is going on, somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm developing a new series set in a world of my own creation.

  1. How can your fans stay up to date with what you are doing?
There are lots of ways fans can keep up with the Muncles and the members of the Knights Elementalis. I'd love to hear what readers think of Knight of Flame.  

Here's my contact information:
Twitter: @Scotteder

Thanks so so much for stopping by today, Scott - it was great to get to know you and to learn more about you, Knight of Flame and your writing process!  Readers, if you have any additional questions for Scott, please leave them in the comment section!

More about the book from the Publisher:

Fire. The most chaotic of the primal elements. When wielded properly by the Knight of Flame, it burns like the sun. Otherwise, it slowly consumes the Knight, burning away his control, driving him towards dark deeds.
Stationed in Tampa, FL, Develore Quinteele, sixth Knight of Flame, waits impatiently for the predicted emergence of the last Gray Lord, his Order’s ancient enemy. Hampered by a centuries-old tragedy, Dev knows of only one way to control his elemental power—rage. It broils just below his surface, waiting for the slightest provocation to set it alight.
Anticipating Dev’s transition from asset to liability, his commander assigns a young guardian, Wren, to report on Dev’s actions. Torn between duty and love, Wren struggles to save her Knight; but, after a brutal attack by the Gray Lord’s minions for which Dev is wrongly blamed, he’s stripped of his freedom until he regains control.
With the help of his fellow Knights, can Dev regain his balance and unlock his full elemental potential in time to prevent the destruction of all life in Tampa?