Is There Anyone Out There?

Heather said last night that she wanted me to write on the blog more.  The reason I have not been blogging as much is that I feel like much of blogging has lost its 'human' touch.  I started feeling this when I was writing at Touristic.  People are still doing meme's, contests and other corporate stuff but everyday blogging - very few.  It seems like there has to be a game associated with a post to get a bunch of hits.  I am also finding in general, there is a lot less 'regular' bloggers.  More and more blogs are either disappearing or 'making the jump' to full professional blogs.  The people who were just blogging for fun with the occasional corporate thingy seem to be going by the wayside.  At one time, it was a lot of fun just to cruise around and see what was happening in people's loves.  It was nice to come to understand and even perhaps know the bloggers. Now, I find very few of the blogs are really humanized anymore - they are all trying to sell me crap I do not need.   Perhaps, I am anachronistic in my thoughts on this topic but it really do miss the 'human' element of blogging. With that thought in mind, I do promise you (perhaps all five of you) that I will start to blog more frequently with the 'human' side of me for all to read.  I have missed writing daily as it allowed my creative juices to flow. I will bring, as I did on Touristic, my ideas, thoughts and sense of humor to Acting Balanced.