Friday Fragments from a Fragmented Week...

  • H -I was all set to start writing frags last night - it truly felt like a Thursday night instead of Wednesday... I guess it was because Wayne stayed downtown so Robyn could go to an event and they didn't get home until after both boys were settled for the night... Wayne usually works late Thursdays... plus I think it's just been a really long week...BTW - Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting the Frags.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
  • H - Robyn has decided that she prefers babysitting her brothers at Monkey Joes than at home... the only catch is that she needs an adult there with her... they require someone over 18 ... oh well, meant that I could veg out while she chased them - still a win/win in my book 
  • W - I really dislike it when students who are really intelligent pass in half way done work.  It takes me forever to grade and frustrates me to no end.
    • H- The nice thing is that you can grade them accordingly :-)
  • W - I had a nice rant about blogging the other day.  I really do feel like it is losing its human touch to the corporate idiots trying to hijack it.  Blogging was meant to be personal, not a series of attempts to try and sell me stuff.
    • H- I ranted/debated about something similar a while ago... although I have to admit that I still post contests, reviews etc... but I do it because I like it...
    • I did have a great interview with another fragger this week - Check out Behind the Blogger with Doreen McGettigan
  • W - If you are going to complain about things either be ready to: a) fix it; b) live with it; or c) walk away.  Listening to incessant whining is counter productive and does nothing to improve the situation.
    • H -So how are you fixing this whine?
      • W - By watching Big Bang Theory and going to bed early...
  • W - I have a great set of colleagues.  I really do enjoy spending time with most of them.  We were hosting a VIP the last couple of days and it was a pleasure to see how well we come together.
    • :-)
  • W - To those terrorists that thought that killing children because they were not Muslim last week in Kenya and Pakistan was a good idea: You are a disgrace to Allah and you deserve a trip to damnation for your transgressions.