Sponsored DVD Review: DRAGONS: RIDERS OF BERK from @FHEInsiders

I am so pleased to have been asked to become a Fox Home Entertainment Insider and to have the opportunity for my family to review Dragons: Riders of Berk - Part 1 and Part 2!  There is also a giveaway going on for you to win a copy of both discs for your family!

From Fox Home Entertainment:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announces the DVD release of the Annie Award® winning TV series DreamWorks DRAGONS: RIDERS OF BERK. The two-part DVD will be available everywhere July 23. Loaded with exciting bonus content for the whole family to enjoy, disc one containa episodes 1-11 and disc two features episodes 12-20. Based on the DreamWorks Animation Academy Award®-nominated hit movie How to Train Your Dragon, the series features original voice talent from the film including Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zack Pearlman, and more.

Fans that purchase the DVD will be able to unlock exclusive content in DreamWorks’ School of Dragons, the all-new game from JumpStart based on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise. When it comes to action and excitement, the sky’s the limit in this high-flying animated TV series.

The two-part DVD set is jam-packed with special features that dive deeper into the world of Dragons. As a bonus, each DVD comes with a code to unlock an ultimate battle pack – and in select DVDs an exclusive Whispering Death or Thunderdrum dragon – for the DreamWorks’ School of Dragons game. School of Dragons lets players enter the world of Berk, where Hiccup, Toothless and other friends help players become the finest dragon trainers around. With cinema-like graphics and an immersive 3D world, it takes more than courage to train a dragon, but brains as well. For more information, visit http:www.schoolofdragons.com

Our review:

If, like my kids, you watched How to Train Your Dragon and wanted to know more about the dragons and their viking friends, then this 20 episode series is for you!  And you don't have to be a little kid to enjoy it - when I received the two DVD's in the mail the other day, Robyn was the first one to grab them and pop the first DVD into her player.  

With 20 episodes you get to see way more about each of the dragons, their humans and their adventures!  In true DreamWorks form, each 22 minute episode is a great story and contains fabulous graphics.  The boys discovered How to Train Your Dragon just this year and are thrilled to be finding out more about the whole gang.  Since we don't have cable, they were thrilled to be able to watch TV episodes that came out so recently!

What you get on Disc One:

1) How to Start a Dragon Academy
2) Viking for Hire
3) Animal House
4) The Terrible Twos
5) In Dragons We Trust (part 1 of a 2 part episode)
6) Alvin and The Outcasts (part 2 of a 2 part episode)
7) How to Pick Your Dragon
8) Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man
9) Dragon Flower
10) Heather Report Part 1
11) Heather Report Part 2

What you get on Disc Two:

12) Thawfest
13) When Lightning Strikes
14) What Flies Beneath
15) Twinsanity
16) Defiant One
17) Breakneck Bog
18) Gem of a Different Color
19) We Are Family Part 1
20) We Are Family Part 2

We haven't explored the School of Dragons yet, but I know that will be another great bonus!

One of the benefits of being an insider is that I get access to cool bonuses like these exclusive badges:


If you want to own  Dragons: Riders of Berk - Part 1 and Part 2 you can find them on Amazon.com and at your favorite retailers too!  Or you can check out my giveaway by clicking here.