Never Stay At Home Mom's Gift Idea & Giveaway: Ritzpix Personalized Travel Mug or Photo Mug

As a never-stay-at-home mom I love being able to take my kids with me when I travel... sometimes...

The kids are never really far from my thoughts or my heart, but I can say that this past weekend at SoFabCon was a refreshing change from hotel travelling with the kids - I had one roommate instead of four, I had my own bed and no one hogged the covers, and we came to an amicable schedule for showering and getting ready that didn't involve any whining, dragging of feet or tantrums... There was no one banging doors or hiding in the closet and if I put something down it stayed down... but I didn't want to go without taking something of my kids so when offered to let me poke around their site and make a photo gift, I knew that I had hit on something that I could personalize and would totally fit into my lifestyle: A Travel Mug!

The site lets you design unique photo gifts including mugs, shirts, iPhone cases, photo books and more. It’s a great place to go when gift shopping for Mother’s Day, Father’s day or even graduation gifts.  It was really simple to browse the site and they offer scrolling coupons in the upper right hand corner of their site to let you get more bang for your buck!

I quickly found exactly what I wanted, the stainless steel travel mug - 
  • Photos applied directly to steel surface for a reflective metallic look
  • Travel Mugs hold 14oz. and include lid
  • $24.99 Each
The whole process only took about ten minutes, including the time I took hemming and hawing between cute photos of my kids to upload my picture and place my order!  Within a week I had my new mug in hand and I was ready to take my kids to SoFabCon in spirit!  It was so easy that I added a latte mug to my order for when I actually get to have a drink at home!

The only thing I wish is that there was a way to request an opaque white background for the stainless steel travel mug, but I truly do like how they came out.  The travel mug itself has a great lid with a twist open spout and very few parts which makes it really easy to hand wash - neither mug is dishwasher safe because of the custom photography.  The stainless steel mug has great insulation and worked great to transport hot beverages!   Of course I had to pack it in my checked baggage or bring it to the airport empty, but it was a great way to bring my kids with me on my travels... if you've got a never stay at home mom or dad in your life or a graduate heading off to school that would love a reminder of home, you should check out for a great photo gift!

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