Happy Anniversary...

Sorry, I am invading Heather's blog.  We will return you to regular mommy posts in a moment however,
Brenda's pondering writing prompt was just too perfect today not to cross post:


Well, well, well.  Isn't this kind of appropriate.  Today, Heather (www.actingbalanced.com) and I tied the knot 15 years ago.  It is hard to believe that it was that long ago.  Heck, look I even had a little more hair.

15 years ago we were living in Toronto (we have since lived in Kitchener, Neyaashiingmiing, Shallow Lake, Kitchener (again), Charleroi & finally Charleston).  At the time, I had not even started my Master's program yet, let alone my Phd or academic career.  I was still working Parks and Recreation at the time...  Hence the less round physique.  Though I am not the only one that has had some ummmmm.... aging issues.

Heather was and still is a beautiful bride.  On that day she radiated (even if that radiation led to a melt down on the photographer)...This great photo was taken when she sat down and refused to move until someone got her a glass of water.  Can someone say bridezilla? Tee hee hee...

Over 15 years it has been a wondrous trip.  It is amazing to think that this was Robyn at our wedding (with her parents) and that on Monday I am taking her to go get her learners permit to drive... Believe or not at that time, we thought we would never have children (well at least I thought so. Heather I am sure had other nefarious ideas)...  Now we are three kids later.

Over the 15 years we have managed to build a happy family who lives in a beautiful place.  We are surrounded by a great family and tremendous friends. We are working to make our community a better place. We are growing and developing.  We are loving, caring and kind.  In total, it has been a productive use of our time.  

So to my beautiful bride, I wish that our next 15 years is as great as our first 15 have been (and that we get a maid service at some point).  I love you.