Excerpt and Blog Blast: Chivalry and Malevolence

I am pleased to be part of the Book Blast for Chivalry & Malevolene by Rae Z Ryans!

About the book:

When the Unseelie Court sentences an innocent man to death, the elven Princess Morgana cannot sit idly by as the human Knight perishes. The Queen calls her pathetic and worthless. It does not change how Mori feels about the old laws of Alfheim. These rules punish the faultless, lesser races of the Nine Realms of Odin.
Of the nine, this realm of the Light is home to many mythical creatures. The portal gates remain forever closed to the human race. However, neglected for centuries, a Knight from the realm of Earth enters the Light. Holding onto his faith and code of honor, he holds stoically in the face of capture and death. Princess Mori remains his only hope, but to save him, she must first save herself.
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Then everything changed.
Cold air bit at me, and the scent of horses filled my nose replacing the sweet smell of my guard. There was something more. Underneath it all, the mood changed. The hands upon my body grew lax, soft even. The only softness I had known in this land was that of the Princess. A man could dream, and imaginably that is what this truly is.
“You will have to pull yourself atop the beast, my Lord. I fear I cannot lift you.” The musical voice reached my ears. It was the Princess, I was certain, with little doubt, of her intentions. The fair and just woman, of this godless place meant to set me free. I had not realized in the depths of despair how much I wanted out of that dreadful prison.
“It is a horse, milady. His name is Achilles.” I do not know why I chose now to reply to her earlier question. It seemed fitting since it was her alone releasing me. I could sense no other nearby, and only felt her hands on my arm. Somehow, I would repay the kindness of this gentlewoman. I could start by answering her curiosities of my world. My world … how absurd it sounded.
“You must go now. I fear there is nowhere safe nearby, perhaps anywhere in the land. My father plans to kill you if you stay. You must head south, milord.” She removed my covering. My vision returned fully. The Princess stood before me in her glorious beauty. The three moons were high, but her face hidden from me. The three moons? I really was in another world.
“I am lost in this land without my armor, without my sword …” Without any knowledge of the beasts that stalked prey, human or whatever this race is. I did not want to admit that my fate would remain the same. These lands, the creatures, I knew not what I faced out there in the bitter wilderness, or within the walls of this city.
“I could not get either, but I took what I could from the keep cache. In the pouch by your side are medicine, bandages, a map, and food too. There is enough for a few days.” The Princess cut my binds, and handed me the dagger.
“Come with me,” the words left my lips. I could not explain why I asked. She was a stranger and surely, it would slow me down. Perhaps it was terror of this world that drove me to ask her. Maybe it was because of all the women I had ever met, none had affected me on this level. This is a good woman, and she would make … I shook the thoughts from my mind.
“You must go. It is only a matter of time before your absence is noticed, my Lord, or mine. I fear I cannot go, even if I wanted to.” Her tone softened me. The Princess did want to flee this place.
A bell ripped through the calm night. Within moments, I found us surrounded by elves. I knew I could still maneuver about the half sleeping and half drunk, by the smell of it, elven guard. Time ran short, however, so either we fled together now, or I left the Princess to the demise of her people. They would know without a doubt that she freed me, and that I decided, I could not live with.

About Author Rae Z. Ryans

Rae Z Ryans

Rae Z. Ryans loves to create mythical lands and characters that entertain, promote equality, and love. She writes for both children and adults in her world of Six and Twenty. When she is not writing, Ms. Ryans spends her days chasing after her own children, and dreaming up new adventures.
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