5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

As many of you know, I am not a domestic goddess, I am a Never-Stay-At-Home Mom, so it takes some work and forethought to tackle a big spring cleaning project with my family and I've put together a few tips:

1. Break your tasks into manageable chunks and reasonable timelines - a list that is too long or to tough to get through will bring everyone involved down... so make it realistic!

  • Decide how much time you are going to set aside first!
  • Prioritize your chores but make sure there are a few little tasks with quick rewards
2. Set a declutter target - one of the biggest parts of our Spring Cleaning event is to clean closets and sort our belongings - one fun thing to do is to decide on a weight target ... say 50 lbs of declutter and then weigh out everything that is leaving your house to see if you meet your target!

3. Hire professionals to help with the big jobs!  Get an HVAC specialist to check your heating/cooling unit, have the ducts and dryer vent serviced, get professional rug cleaning, bring a pest control specialist in, even take your car to get detailed!

4. Mix it up!  Have indoor and outdoor tasks to do, so that you can work around the weather and also so that you have a change of scenery throughout your spring cleaning.

5. Plan on ordering in or heading out for dinner... after working so hard you deserve a treat!