Fabulous Friday...


1. I can’t believe that we'll have both sets of grandparents here in just over a week!  Date night with hubby here I come!
2. I never liked the TV Shows Dora the Explorer or Teletubbies... unfortunately both my boys love Dora, but fortunately they never got into Teletubbies...
3. If I were a student again I would most definitely take something more practical than History and Medieval Studies.
4. I loook forward to the day when I can get a full week of restful night sleeps... it'll probably be when I'm dead, but I keep hoping

Mommy's Idea

Erik is still hung up on his two favorite phrases... how doin'? and what doin'? Unfortunately he's also not satisfied with getting "incorrect" answers to his questions... so he keeps asking the questions until he gets an answer he likes...

Liam had a great week at school - no accidents!  His potty training at home is going slower... partly because our household is less structured than school I think... but we're making progress here too!  We also have a full IEP review with him on Thursday... this is about three months early, but his teacher feels that he's outgrown the current IEP!  So proud of him!

It's going to be nice to let this teacher and her team structure his IEP ... for the past several years the IEP has been written by a team that Liam is graduating from, rather than the team he is going to be working with... it's made it difficult in some ways because I think it's important to blend the IEP goals with what is actually happening in the classroom and curriculum!

Robyn is working hard at school... she's made it through half of her mid-year projects and has just a few more to go... hopefully she'll end up in better groups for the next round of projects... she's struggling to keep some of her groupmates on task this time.

Wayne has thrown himself back into a very busy teaching/research/service schedule at work... it's been a big adjustment from having him home almost all the time...

As for me, I'm happily entrenched in my routine... although I am looking forward to shaking a few things up next week when the Wine and Food festival invades Charleston...  time to cut loose and indulge!

As for the rest of the family, Mom and Dad are cruising away and posted drool worthy pics of their first few days here, my in-laws are hibernating while waiting to fly down here and my brother was just named the #1 individual real estate agent for Keller Williams Canada. 

What do you prefer: Printed Books or E-books?

I have to say that I've almost exclusively switched to e-books ... I love being able to read on my iPad and have multiple books available on the go!

What do you prefer: Desktop Computers, Laptops, or Tablets?

I prefer my laptop for blogging and the tablet for traveling.