Two Shoes Tuesday: Discombobulated

I am participating in Two Shoes Tuedsay with:
Josie Two Shoes
This week's writing prompt is "discombobulated"
(definition: disconnected, unbalanced, or confused)

Discombobulated is what my blog is all about... as a never-stay-at-home mom of three unique kids, I spend my life feeling unbalanced and often confused... one thing I don't feel though is disconnected... between having wonderful IRL friends and family, I also feel connected to so many wonderful communities of friends on the WWW!  

Acting Balanced was originally given it's name because while I honestly feel discombobulated most of the time, I try to present a face to the world that is a little more put-together or balanced... and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't - but by facing the world with more confidence than I sometimes feel I can act my way through the day and get through each experience without losing what little is left of my mind...

I am embarking on a new year with hopes that my life becomes more balanced, but knowing that the imbalance is what makes every day more interesting...

I hope 2013 is filled with happy surprises and wonderful experiences for everyone, but I know that we will also face many trials that will make us feel more discombobulated than excited... and hopefully we'll get through them all...

Happy New Year!