Friendship Friday Fragments - the Old and The New

I didn't do a big "Wrap Up the Old Year" post partly because I was recovering from a successful but stressful trip home for Christmas, and partly because I just didn't want to... but now that the kids are back to school and the holiday crush is over, I'm happy to say that 2012 was a pretty darn good year!  I'm also combining two great memes this week:

     Mommy's Idea

Robyn graduated from Middle School and got into the High School of her choosing - and so far has weathered the first semester as a freshman with only minor bumps and bruises...

Liam made the transition to a new school - graduating from three years of preschool and beginning anew in Kindergarten of a sort - in a class with wonderful teachers and support staff who will keep working with him for the next three years!  He's also learned to sight read and use reading strategies and is starting to understand the concept of addition and subtraction!  He also learned to ride a bike!!! I know that 2013 will be the year he finally masters potty training - we're so close....

Erik... running, jumping, talking, knowing his own mind completely... yep, he's a teenager trapped in a toddler body - and barreling full steam ahead... he's mastered so many new things in a year that I can't begin to know where to start...

Wayne - so proud of my hubby - made tenure, published and wrote a ton of articles, committed to blogging everyday and pretty well succeeded with only a few rare days of silence... he starts 2013 fresh with new ideas for more research, lots of great things planned for his students and more!

me... well, I actually started to generate some income from my blog and I am starting to learn to say no to things that I just can't manage... and taking on more of what I really want to do... my blog numbers for 2012 weren't as strong as I finished in 2011, but I honestly enjoyed blogging a whole lot more when I stopped checking the stats every day and just started writing what I wanted to write and working on what I wanted to do... it probably didn't hurt that my day is much less sedentary than it was a year ago (Thank you Erik) and keeping up with a two year old who really loves his mama makes finding time to blog and keep up with everything that much tougher.

What's ahead for 2013?

For Robyn - she turns 15 in April and wants her driver's license... I'm not sure I'm ready for that... but Wayne say's he'll teach her (which is probably a good thing...)

For Liam - that potty training goal is tops on my wish list, but I know that he's way more interested in learning to read and spell than he is in remembering to use the facilities... but I do see a ton more maturity in him!

For Erik - I am going to enjoy this spring and summer with him, but I think that by Fall, he's going to be ready to take on the world - or at least preschool... so I'll be spending some time trying to find a place for him to spread his wings.

For Wayne - he's back to the daily grind, but I know that he's learned a lot from his sabbatical and he's already counting down until his next one in seven years... (You can also check out his post here)

For me - I've just become a US Family Guide Representative for the Charleston area and that means that I'll be blogging a lot more about local Charleston events and things to do with kids in Charleston and area!  I'll also be working with local bloggers, companies and attractions to build up great Charleston reviews, promotions and content!  If you blog in Charleston (or anywhere in the US) and want to check out what US Family Guide has to offer, you can submit your blog here:

I am also going to get off my duff and launch my second blog - Never Stay At Home Mom - a travel and parent support blog for getting up and getting out with kids - watch for it!

As for Acting Balanced, I'm still going to be featuring Autism Awareness month (it's in the works), bringing back Mmmmonday recipes and re-launching the Saturday Blogger Interview feature (starting tomorrow!)  It's going to be a bright and busy year I think!