Meet Camille from Growing Up Gabel!

As my readers know I belong to Collective Bias and I share my shoppertunities and stories with you regularly, but what you might not know about Collective Bias members is that we are also part of a community called Social Fabric (SoFab for short) and this community is a wonderful, supportive and caring place where we can meet up with other amazing bloggers and share, care and learn from each other!

One of the fun things that several So Fab members are doing this year is a Virtual Gift Exchange - we're trading blog posts and learning a ton more about other members of our community!  I've spent the past several days trolling around learning about my virtual gift recipient, Camille, from Growing Up Gabel:

Camille's blog is fabulous!  It starts with her tag line - Living a Real Life in an Artificial World - and rings through her blog, which focuses on crafts, recipes, homemaking, homeschooling and more!  Camille is a mommy to two beautiful children and a bonus daughter:

Camille started blogging to share her life in Las Vegas, NV with her friends and family back East... and like all of us, she shaped her blog to reflect her life!  As an at-home mom and wife, she has tried to simplify her family's life and that includes homeschooling, from scratch cooking and baking and crafting!   I love that her blog radiates her love for things organic and homemade and that she embraces what she blogs about - you can see the passion!

Some of the posts that I loved finding on her blog include:

Children's Aprons, Cream Puffs, Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate, Kool Aid Playdough and so many more!  All of her posts have fabulous pictures and the recipes are well laid out and logical!  There are just so many things to see and experience on Growing Up Gabel that the only way for you to find out about it all is to head over and visit yourself!

You can also keep up with Camille by checking out her social media presence:
Google Plus:

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