A Great Monday Listicle

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Listicles...

Wayne apparently wanted to ingratiate himself to me - so he offered to write 10 reasons why I am so great.


10.  www.ActingBalanced.com is a fabulous blog.  Heather is a very good writer and has put her history degree to good use (I know I am shocked too - a history degree is useful for something - technology).

9.  Heather is good mom...she loves her children even when they touch her computer (well sort of).

8.  Heather volunteers and gives a lot of time to the kids schools.  She also gives a lot to the community.  Of course that means her husband is occasionally volun-told-eered to help out with various causes.

7.  Heather dearly loves family.  She talks to her and my parents daily.  She misses her family tremendously and puts great effort into keeping up with the family gossip news.

6.  Heather occasionally lets me touch her 'naughty bits.'

5.  Heather makes a really good crisp.  It is yum yum!  Which reminds me that we haven't had one made in about a week or so (hint! hint!)

4. Heather is my emotional side.  She has a great moral compass.

3.  Heather loves holidays.  This goes with her love of family togetherness and such other such nonsense.  She goes out of her way to make sure that the kids and our loves ones have special days.

2.  Heather is a social being.  She can have a conversation with someone and actually care about what they are saying most of the time.  She has a knack for small talk and enjoys the company of others tremendously. She talks so I can hide and work in peace.

1.   Heather is a great wife who I am sure will be 'putting out' as a result of all of these nice compliments.