Shopping for Lowcountry Orphan Relief with #DialCFK for #cbias

I am so pleased to be able to participate in another fabulous Champions for Kids mission.  The #DialCFK mission is simple - shop for toiletries and other essentials and donate them to an organization that will use them to help children in need in our community!    During October Dial is offering their hand soap on sale at Walmart for just $0.98 which means that we can maximize our donation by shopping for Dial toiletries:

One of the birthday traditions in our family is giving back... it started a few years ago when Robyn decided to select a charity for her friends to donate birthday gifts to instead of bringing something for her to her party and it continues today... since today is Erik's second birthday, we celebrated by making a trip to Walmart (you can check out our whole shop and day here) with a very special mission in mind - shopping for toiletries and other supplies for Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  

I picked this project for Erik's birthday because there are so many children locally who are helped and
Lowcountry Orphan Relief is an organization that works so hard for the children who aren't as lucky as mine:
Mission Statement 
The mission of Lowcountry Orphan Relief is to provide services and aid to meet the needs of abandoned, abused and neglected children in the Lowcountry, and specifically intervene where government aid ends.
Vision Statement
The vision of Lowcountry Orphan Relief is that no child should be without the basic necessities in life, regardless of their life circumstances.
Belief Statement
We believe that all children have the intrinsic value and deserve to be nurtured, loved and protected. They are entitled to have caring adults who help them develop to their full potential.
Together we have an opportunity to contribute to our children’s future, be part of an enduring effort that promotes safety and the well being of our children, providing them with the necessities of life and welcoming, safe environment.

I also chose it because of Dial and their commitment to the Champions for Kids program this month!  Champions for Kids is a fabulous organization that I've had the privilege of mentioning before on Acting Balanced, but their mission is simple too:
Will you help us build a better world for kids?

No child should ever go to school hungry, cold or without the resources they need to thrive.
In America, 16.8 million children do.
Champions for Kids works to ensure all children have the resources they need to thrive. Our goal is to mobilize 20 Million people by 2020
Giving back through Simple Service Projects is easy - you just need to pick a project and an organization to collect for - then promote your project to your friends and get them on board!  I am so glad that Erik and I were able to make this donation and support children in our community who need our support!  When I picked this project, I used my Facebook, twitter and email address books to get the word out - I also let my MOMS Club friends know that I was collecting for Lowcountry Orphan Relief - and let them know what was on their wishlist:

NEW –socks, underwear. Toiletries, school supplies and book bags.
Gently used: clothing, school uniforms, stuffed animals, books

All in all, we were able to donate two large bags of gently used clothing, new underwear, toiletries, coloring books & crayons and some books too!

After our Walmart shop, we met up with the other MOMS Club moms and continued to give back - by having the little ones trick or treat at a local Nursing Home and have some juice and cookies afterwards:

I'd say that all in all it was an incredibly successful second birthday for Erik and one that will keep on giving as we give back to our neighbors!  Teaching our children the value of community and sharing is so important and starting at a young age means that they will never know any different then sharing what they can with their community!

You can learn more about Champions for Kids by 
○ Visiting the Champions for Kids website:
○ Following the Champions for Kids Twitter Handle:
○ Liking the Champions for Kids Facebook:

You can keep up with Dial by:
○ Liking Dial on Facebook:
○ Following Dial on Twitter:

How do you give back?  What would you do as a Champions for Kids service project?  Is there an organization in your community that would benefit from a #DialCFK toiletries drive?

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