Are you a last minute Halloween Costume Shopper?

Although Robyn and Liam were all set for the upcoming Halloween season - I've had Liam's costume for over a year, and Robyn knew early on exactly what she wanted to be and I ordered it to make sure she had it in time, I was dragging my feet on getting something for both Erik and I... part of it is that Erik is still in the zone where he really doesn't understand all of the hoopla and isn't telling me what he wants to be... so I have to be creative... and well, I've been stuck in a witchy rut for several years... too many to count really... and I need a change, but I didn't think the world was ready for me to show off my 'assets' in some of the skimpy costumes available ...

Thank goodness, I stumbled upon Costume Supercenter!  They've still got some great costumes in stock and have really reasonable shipping costs!  I'm waiting patiently for these two fun costumes to arrive tomorrow via UPS... (okay not so patiently, I'm stalking the UPS site to see where my package is moving)


Can you guess which one is mine? 

If you're still looking for a great costume for yourself or your child, you'll find something cool at!  And you'll get a great deal too!  Shopping online was easy!  Costume Super Center has a great search capability and also has a ton of themes to browse through!  They offer costumes in every size from infant to Adult Plus and in a wide variety of price points!  Costume Super Center also offers a wide range of accessories too - if you don't have your costume yet, you should really check them out! 

And don't forget that dressing up doesn't end with Halloween!  If you child needs a costume for an upcoming play or you want to get a jump on the holiday season and find your Santa costume - keep Costume Super Center in mind!

Disclaimer: I received a gift certificate in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.