Treasure Hunting with #jingit4edu at Walmart to get Box Tops 4 Education #cbias shoppertunity

Shopping is never routine in my household but when I heard about Jingit, a new app for Android or iPhones I knew that I'd have to download it and try it out!  I headed to the Walmart website and found the link to Jingit in the Instores Now section - you can just click here to find Jingit and you can click here to download Jingit to your phone!  The question you are probably asking is  "Who’s Jingit?" and the second is "why do I want to download another app?"

Well, Jingit is a tech start up company that allows great brands like General Mills to pay you real, instant cash for paying attention to them. Because truly great brands should truly value your time. And with this limited time offer, not only will you earn by finding participating products in store and online, your designated school will receive Bonus Box Tops every time you do!

Yep! You read it right...Jingit pays YOU and rewards the school of your choice with Boxtops 4 Education just by checking out products in store at Walmart and scanning their UPC codes, watching short video clips and more!  You don't have to purchase anything, but you can make a few dollars by treasure hunting and finding great products while you do your regular shopping at Walmart!

It was really easy to get started on the website:

I even watched my first video... about Nature Valley bars...

then I downloaded the Jingit app to my phone and I was ready to head out to Walmart to check in... of course I was a little excited and tried out the app before I left home:

but the app knew where I was... and so I grabbed Liam and my mother in law and we headed out to our local Walmart to try out the app!  You can check out my whole shop by visiting my google plus album!

When we got to Walmart, I was able to see all of the potential engagements that I could do:

There were THIRTEEN different possible check ins, but I picked two!  I looked for Honey Nut Cheerios for a single product check in, and then Nature Valley Granola bars and Fiber One Brownies for a combination check in!

Finding the products to scan was really simple, but getting 3G signal in my local Walmart was tough... I've never had good luck with getting signal in that part of town ... it's kinda a dead zone, but with a little persistence I made it happen and successfully earned $1.50 for me and 8 Boxtops 4 Education for Liam's school!

Jingit works with Facebook as a login, so it's quick and easy to use on the go!  Other than a poor reception location, it was fun and interesting to try out Jingit at my Walmart and I know that when I'm headed to my friend's house in Goose Creek next week, I'll be stopping by her Walmart to see if I can do even more engagements in a location with better cell reception!  The app is free and benefits both you and your local school, so why not check it out and download Jingit today!

You can also keep up with the latest news from Jingit by following them on Twitter and Facebook!

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