Review and Giveaway: The Magic School Bus on DVD

Are you ready to hop on the Magic School Bus?  Click on the youtube below to get into the mood before you keep reading...

Yep, there's now a way to take your kids on ALL the adventures with Mrs. Frizzle and her class - all 52 episodes on 8 DVD's with The Magic School Bus - The Complete Series - all the way from Outer Space to Inside Ralphie - growing, shrinking and learning all about the world around them!

Liam is at the perfect age for learning all about science from Mrs. Frizzle and the gang - he's been asking to watch new episodes every day when he gets home from school... and while Erik is still a little young for the actual science, he loves to watch how boppy and  fun the music, animation and story are!  He has also taken to calling his own school bus a Magic School Bus!

His favorite episode so far has been the trip into the Solar System, but I'm sure as we get further into the series, he'll continue to enjoy and learn from some of these great classic episodes!

It's honestly hard to believe that this series is celebrating 25 years!  It really has stood up well against the test of time and makes for enjoyable family watching and a great nostalgic kick for me (and for Robyn who used to be obsessed with The Magic School Bus a few years ago)
Featuring a striking 3D lenticular cover with new artwork that makes the vibrant characters leap off the page and that will encourage kids to ask the question “how did they make that?”, the collectible thin-pack set also includes a guide for kids with teasers, trivia and experiments, plus a Parents’ Guide with lessons and learning options. This interactive guide creates wholesome and healthy entertainment for the entire family.
Also new to the line – and just in time for Back to School activities -- will be two special 3-pack configurations, which will each include more than four hours of THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS adventures! Join Ms. Frizzle to explore everything from the smallest cell to the largest galaxy in the universe with THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: BLAST OFF! FROM SEA TO SPACE and THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: FIELD TRIP FUN AND GAMES. Both, feature 12 episodes, some releasing for the first time.
Finally, you can get four THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS singles, each featuring 90 minutes of science fun with Ms. Frizzle and her students:
· The Human Body – Science topics include digestion and body mechanics.
· Super Star Power – Science topics include stars and cells.
· Takes a Dive – Science topics include coral reefs and tidal zones.
· Takes Flight – Science topics include weather and flying.
Whether you want to start out small and just grab a topical DVD or you're ready to dive into the whole collection, it's time to take another look at The Magic School Bus on DVD!

One lucky Acting Balanced reader from the US is going to win a copy of The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Fun and Games!  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below:

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