Monday Listicles

Today's topic is Back to School... so the top ten things I think about Back to School are (in no particular order, other than typed...)

10. Labour Day - when I was growing up, Labour Day meant a cook out at the cottage and the long trek home to get ready for school the next day!

9. New clothes!  There's something magical about picking out your back to school first day outfit... 

8. Seeing friends... even now, with summer vacations staggered all over the place, now that the school year has started, I'm seeing friends that I haven't connected with in forever!

7. A clean slate!  This year both of my kids are at new schools, which means that they get to start over again... making some new friends, seeing a few fellow travellers, but overall, starting fresh!

6. A routine!  As much as I love summer, the constraints of the academic calendar make keeping to a schedule both necessary and simple!

5. Simple except for the school bus system... Robyn's bus has had no major issues, save breaking down once, but Liam's bus has been early, late and even non-existent... it's frustrating

4. More me time.. as long as Erik cooperates and takes an afternoon nap, I can get in a nap of my own, catch up on blogging or ... clean my house...

3. Stupid fundraisers - okay, I understand that you need to raise money, but come on $12 for one roll of wrapping paper and $15 for a small box (not even a tin) of peanut brittle... I'll write you a donation check - at least you'll be able to keep it all rather than spend it on overpriced junk.

2. Autumn... the start of school always reminds me that the days are getting shorter and cooler (hopefully someone will tell the weather gods of SC that soon)

1. Fresh paper - there's something about a crisp notebook or a piece of unused lined paper that gives me goosebumps... I love school supply shopping for my kids because of it!