Smart Strip Review and #Giveaway

Wayne tested the Bits Ltd SCG3 Energy Saving Smart Strip and this is his review:

The Smart Strip is an ingenious power bar that saves on electricity costs by shutting off the flow to sleeping devices such as TVs.  The power bar has three area in which you can plug devices into.  The first is a control  section.  This is where you plug your TV or computer into.  The control section helps to monitor what is in use and shut down power to associated devices when it is not in use.  For instance, when your TV is turned off, it will cut off power to your DVD player.  This saves a tremendous amount of power over time.  What about those devices that need constant electricity like your DVR?  The Smart Strip also has a section for those devices which you wish to keep always 'hot.'

The Specs:
Seven outlets work together, autoswitching your devices on/off automatically, to save you money on your electric bills. 900 joules of surge protection keep your equipment safe from even the harshest power spikes. Conveniently-spaced outlets and a 45-degree, angled space saver plug make the Smart Strip a friendly addition to your electronic systems
7 Outlets Total;1 'Control Outlet' (Blue)2 'Constant Hot Outlets' (Red)4 'Automatically Switched Outlets' (Green)

Setting up The Smart Strip is easy to do.  It is the same as any other power bar.  All it takes is a little thought into what plugs you wish to put where.  The device works as advertised and it does seem to save quite a bit of power.  The only thing I can not confirm, is the exact cost savings.  The company says The Smart Strip can save you $39.00 per year and I do not know if this is true.  I can confirm that it will save you money because it does eliminate a lot of 'vampire' usage from devices.  If I was to improve the product, I would add USB power ports to future editions of the device.  (Side note from Heather: They actually have USB controlled strips available, we just didn't get one to test)

Overall, I feel that the device is worth the money.  It works as advertised and if you use the device with a plan in mind, it will pay for itself in time.  Bits Limited makes a wide variety of Smart Strips, including specific ones for entertainment systems!  If you are looking for ways to protect your technology and save money on electricity, you should definitely check out Bits Limited!

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Disclaimer: This product was provided at no cost for review purposes. All opinions are the author's.