Simply Sassy Media, Please Send Me to Aiming Low!

As part of a brand new (one month old) community at Simply Sassy Media, I have the opportunity to be one of two bloggers selected to attend the Aiming Low Non-Conference, just by doing something that I do every day... blogging about it!

First off, I had to do some research about what I'd be getting myself into - What is it? Why do I want to go? 

In a short time I found a lot of information to process .... a non-conference ... a chance to connect with other bloggers who want to get back to the root of blogging... a chance to have discussions about blogging rather than listening to panel discussions, being a contributor rather than an audience, a chance to re-charge my blogging batteries... a chance to change things up!  

From the conference website:
The Aiming Low Non-Conference is an event meant to get back to the core values of blogging. It will be a weekend full of question and answers and information-sharing. There will be NO PANELS, just a learning environment where you are welcomed to ask about the personal, technical, seeking, slightly embarrassing questions you might have and get honest, genuine answers from both Aiming Low staff and your peers.
I love this idea!!! I love that I'll be a true participant in this non-conference, not just a spectator!  And the list of great round table leaders is amazing (check it out here)!

The dates are perfect for creating complete and utter chaos in our lives... so I knew that I'd have to give it a shot!  You see my wonderful blogging partner and hubby, Wayne, is going on a trip the following week - leaving October 14th, to head to one of my bucket list destinations - Freiburg, Germany for five days.  I really wanted to go on this trip with him, but finances and childcare arrangements are preventing me from going... so the Aiming Low Conference comes at the perfect time for me to recharge my batteries and focus on blogging for two great days before heading back to play mom and tour guide... 

yep, tour guide... I originally invited my parents down for the week Wayne was away, to help with getting the kids where they need to go, keeping Erik from driving me around the bend and just being extra hands...  well, that has blossomed into my mom, dad, sister and aunt... all piling into the car for a road trip!  My sister has visited once since we've been here and this will be my aunt's first trip to Charleston...  Instead of my parents staying under my roof... it will be my aunt and sister staying with us... and my mom and dad are heading to a hotel down the way... hmm... seems a little like a bait and switch... but it should be a blast (although exhausting)...

Which is why I really need a few days to be myself... to be Heather, not mom, not daughter, not sister, not even wife of globe-trotting husband pining for his return... just Heather, mixing it up with all my soon-to-be non-conference besties and learning and sharing with all of them!  I'll leave behind the laundry, packing for an international trip, three wonderful but challenging children, all the house cleaning required to have house guests and even the blog... and be part of an amazing retreat that will bring dividends not only for my blog, but for my personal psyche, my well being and that of all those around me... because while aiming low... I'll really be aiming to be the best blogger, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend I can be!