Monday Listicles

Wayne has been bugging me for a few weeks about re-joining in for Monday Listicles... so I'm back... from outer space:

This week's topic is Top 10 Dinner Party Guests:

I thought long and hard about choosing celebs, great people in history, science or art, but I realized that what I would love to have is a dinner party with family - and if I could wish anyone to be there, I'd choose people I haven't been able to see... since they've left this earth...

My Oma, who passed away just before I got married
My Opa, who passed away when I was two
My sister-in-law Shelley, who was only 31 when she passed away of breast cancer
My Great Grandmother, Annie, who was a 4'11" dynamo who passed when I was 9 or 10

and then I would blow the budget and invite all of my living relatives... cause it's all about the relationships...
I'd hold it in a nursing home dining room Ottawa, Ontario so my grandparents could attend and I'd move heaven and earth to get everyone there - and there are a ton of relatives and a ton of kids but that's what would make it so much fun!