Linda Lael Miller's Big Sky Mountain - Excerpt and Interview

I am so pleased to be part of Linda Lael Miller's Blog Tour promoting her lastest book, Big Sky Mountain.  You can check out the rest of her tour, including more excerpts, interviews and reviews at BookTrib

The “First Lady of the West,” #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller, brings you back to Parable, Montana-where love awaits in the second book of her new Big Sky Series!
With his rugged good looks, vast wealth and family name, hell-raiser Hutch Carmody is still the golden boy of Parable, Montana. But he’s done some growing up, making peace with his illegitimate half brother and inheriting half of Whisper Creek Ranch, which should have been all his. These days, Hutch knows there are some things money can’t buy: like the heart of loving, ladylike divorc√© Kendra Shepherd.
Kendra’s quiet mansion reminds her of what she wants most – a devoted husband and the pitter-patter of little feet. She can’t get Hutch Carmody out of her mind. But a rough-and-tumble cowboy like Hutch, coming home for family dinner? Seems crazy! Then again, crazier dreams have become reality under the vast Montana sky.

Here's an Excerpt:

Madison, meanwhile, stirred on the window seat. “Mommy?”
Kendra turned again. “I’m here, honey,” she said.
Although Madison was adjusting rapidly, in the resilient way of young children, she still had bad dreams sometimes and she tended to panic if she lost sight of Kendra for more than a moment.
“Are you hungry, sweetie?” Callie asked the little girl. Slade’s mom would make a wonderful grandmother; she had a way with children, easy and forthright.
Madison shook her head as she moved toward Kendra and then scrambled up onto her lap.
“It’s been a while since lunch,” Kendra suggested, kissing the top of Madison’s head and holding her close, “Maybe you’d like a glass of milk and one of Opal’s oatmeal raisin cookies?”
Again, Madison shook her head, snuggling closer still. “No, thank you,” she said clearly, sounding, as she often did, more like a small adult than a four-year-old.

And a little something that Ms. Miller Shared with me:

Would you ever revisit some of the other genres you have written (paranormal, thriller, contemporary, historical)?

I would definitely revisit those other genres—on one condition.  I would have to have a really, REALLY good idea.  I still write historicals—my Christmas books, “A Lawman’s Christmas”, “A McKettrick Christmas”, etc., are always set in the late 19th or early 20th century.  Time travel has always intrigued me, and I’m asked virtually every day when and if there will be a new Mojo book.  The answer: Yes.  Eventually.  I enjoy reading short stories and novellas by my favorite authors as ebooks, and I’m considering doing more vampire and Mojo stories in that format, though right now, I’m truthfully too busy with current projects.  Also, it’s important to mention that I LOVE writing about sexy contemporary cowboys and their smart, spirited women.

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