Friday Fragments

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I woke up to some pretty terrible news... the mega-rain we had this week completely soaked and overwhelmed the charity that I had been blogging about a few weeks ago - the Teacher's Supply Closet... and now, with just a few weeks before they were going to do a massive supply distribution, they are looking at major damage to paper goods like poster boards and composition notebooks....  I know they wanted more publicity, but I don't think this is what they had in mind.... if anyone has extra school supplies in the Charleston area, I'd be happy to arrange to pick them up to make another delivery!

Speaking of blogging... I am hoping beyond hope that I win a chance to go to the Aiming Low Non-Conference in Georgia in October... you can check out my submission here.

I finally got my girls night out last night! It was so much fun going to a restaurant with friends and not having to get up every 5 minutes to chase Erik and we had a lovely leisurely time at Sake House in North Charleston - yummy sushi and fun drinks!  I got to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in ages and introduce her to two of the wonderful ladies that I've been hanging out with for coffee lately!   We definitely have to meet up more often!!!

The kids are getting back into the school routine... and we've already had our first IEP meeting of the year for Liam!  I am loving our team so far!  They seem to be on the ball and 'get' my sweet little boy already!  I just wish that Erik had cooperated about attending the meeting so Wayne and I could have both gone...

My in-laws are arriving next Thursday for a 10-day stay!  Lots of chaos until then as I try to sort out all of the blog stuff that has invaded our dining room to make it hospitable enough for us to eat dinner as a large family!

My wonderful cousin, Kaitlyn, got married last weekend!  Wish we could have been there for the festivities, but I've been stalking Facebook (and my mom's blog) for pics and borrowed this one that my dad took to share:
Congratulations Kaitlyn and Matt!

Well, Erik is back to sleep after a quick play, so I'm going to try to get a few more hours shut eye myself... hope everyone has a great weekend!