Friday Fragments - Ch ch ch changes...

Well, it's been a week of change here at Chez Smith -

My baby girl is now officially a high schooler... which for me means only four years until we have to start paying dearly for her post secondary education...  the good news right now is that after two days she reports that she is making friends, finding all her classes and generally enjoying the whole process...

Of course the transition from sleeping til noon to getting up with the dawn has been hardest on her... but I know she'll adjust (or kill me in the process)

Liam is now a kindergartener - he seems to be getting used to the school routines and enjoying being back... he's not in the classroom that I expected him to be in, but I'm watching and waiting to see what the environment is like in this room before saying too much.  

We do have the first IEP team meeting next week ... hopefully it goes well and sets the tone for the year!

Erik is adjusting to being the only child home by craving attention... we were in the Walmart parking lot today and I was carrying him back to the car when he started calling out 'help, help' - his favorite words... he wanted everyone else's attention too... is it too early to teach him the Cry Wolf story?

I'm trying to keep him busy and out of the house... we went to a playdate this morning (thanks Annie) and had a blast... nothing planned yet for tomorrow but you know it will be my goal to tire him out enough to give me a break!

Wayne is adjusting to being on sabbatical by driving himself to the doctor...  I am buoyed by the fact that the docs seem to know what they are doing, but worried about him, none the less.  Hopefully the new medication and the lifestyle changes he's making will mean that there is positive change when he goes back to the doc in September...

As for me, I'm just kinda riding the wave of change... hopefully by next week we'll have the schedule down pat and I'll be able to enact more change :-)

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