Review: Fisher Price iPad & iPod Cases

As many of you know, we're a tech-savvy household and Erik, at 21 months is definitely no slouch, especially with the iPad and (when he gets his hands on it) his sister's iPod touch!  Because the technology is so user-friendly, it makes for a great tool on long car trips and even at home when we need some quiet time.  The hardest thing for us is that the i technology is so fragile - and toddlers just don't understand the meaning of the word... so we were pleased to find out that Fisher-Price is branching out into the iWorld...  

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From Fisher-Price:

It’s no surprise that this generation is the most tech-savvy yet; in fact, in its Play Lab, Fisher-Price found that babies— only six to nine months old— who were just learning to sit up, already knew how to swipe and handle an iPhone and where the location and function of the home button was! Fisher-Price has made it easier than ever for parents to satisfy the technological curiosity of their children with a new line of Apptivity products that help to keep devices safe, secure and dry, all while creating a fun learning experience, including:

·         The Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for the iPad protects pricey devices from dribble and drool to give parents peace of mind.
·         The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for the iPhone and iPod Touch
·         The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for Kindle-Fire

We tested out the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for the iPad and for the iPod/iPhone with Erik and Liam and this is what we found out:

The Good
  • The kids like the looks of the cases.  
  • It is sturdy and the corners (where cracks usually start) are well protected.
  • The handles are a nice addition and the teething rings do make sense.  
  • Further, the difficult access to the home button limits unwanted actions and deletions.
The Okay
  • The clear film does protect from dibbles and drool however, I think that a small sheet of thin plexi-glass or thicker plastic would have enhanced the product greatly versus the thin plastic that is currently used. 
  • If you do use the protective side to block the home button, you will need to unlock the case and remove the iDevice to change programs
  • The case is tough to lock and unlock - it's great that the feature is there, but it requires an additional tool to get the device in and out (a coin, flat screwdriver etc)
The Are You Serious?
  • You can not plug in or charge your iPad/Pod/Phone while it is in the case.  You have to take the device out of the case to charge.
  • The case also does not all for access to the volume, screen lock or other buttons found on the edge of the devices.  This is a flaw that needs to be addressed in future editions of the products.
  • There are no pin holes for the back camera and the front camera would be taking pictures through the plastic film.  This basically eliminates the camera functionality and who would not want those precious moments recorded.
If your child only uses your iDevice occasionally and in specific situations where you would want to remove it from your regular case and put it in a new case, then you will find this to be a great product for you.  It cannot be an everyday case though, at least not in our opinion.

Disclaimer: We received these products at no cost for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own.