Some great things I've learned at Reviewer's Retreat #RevRet12

We're not through with Reviewer's Retreat yet, but I wanted to get some key points down to share with those of you who would have loved to attend, but couldn't be here to share this conference:

Be Yourself - Build You as a Brand

Listening to a variety of speakers talk today on a variety of subjects, one of the biggest things that resonated with me is that I am my brand - Acting Balanced is about Me and my world, so when I'm reviewing, sharing and working with brands I need to remember that I need to be true to myself and my brand and build the relationships with corporate brands that match my own needs and goals to be true to myself.

Be a Partner, not a liability

You are bringing your blog to the table and brands are bringing their products or services - you both have things to gain and lose if your partnership is rocky - so, from your end, be a great partner - stay in communication, do what is expected of you and more if you can!  Make sure your posts are well written, free of errors and enjoyable reading!

Relationships with other bloggers are as important as relationships with brands

Many bloggers are also using their social media savvy to become campaign leaders, consultants and are reaching out to bloggers they know and trust to recommend to brands they work with!

Brands and other bloggers read your About Me Page!

Make sure it's up-to-date and add links to your favorite posts - giveaways, reviews, content posts... use it to tell your blog's story and yours too!

Build your niche...

This is one I struggle with - I consider myself almost an un-niche blogger because I like having a variety of content - and being independent, but I can see how building a niche builds your brand... I just don't know if I want to change my world mid stream...

Stay in touch!

Even after campaigns are over, stay in touch once in a while with your contacts - let them know about big things going on with your blog or ask them if they have anything new in the pipeline... relationships are built on communication!

I'll be back tomorrow with some more great tips!