Monday Listicles

Wayne has been bugging me for a few weeks about joining in on one of his favorite new finds... so here I am .... rock me like a Listicle:

This week's topic is: How to spend $1000 in ten steps!

This is tough, cause right now I'm in Canada and almost everything is more expensive...

1. Fill up my car with gas... that's $60 in the US, but $100 in Canada...

2. Drive to Ottawa to visit my grandparents who are no longer able to travel themselves and fill up the tank again... it's a long drive...

3. Pick up Swiss Chalet Take Out on my way to their condo

4. Pick up a plant for Nana and a book for Pompa

5. After visiting for a while, pop over and grab a hotel room for the night

6. Grab a quick dinner and chill out in the hotel room, enjoying the quiet once the kids are finally conked out... hopefully

7. Breakfast, then another visit to the grands - it's easier to do visits in short bursts these days so neither the kids, nor the grands get over tired

8. Visit to the Museum of Man/Children's Museum and then a swing by the Parliament Buildings or maybe the Natural History Museum, or one of the other great places to visit!

9. Stay a second night... cause we're too pooped after all that kid friendly activity

10. Head back to Toronto... filling up the tank for a third time...