Friday Fragments

Thanks to Mrs. 4444’s for host Friday Fragments.  Heather is chasing Erik around, so I will type her Fragments for her. 

·         I had an awesome date night with Wayne earlier this week.  We went to dinner, went shopping and generally had a nice night together.  We do not get to spend a lot of alone time together - so it is special when we get the chance to do so.  Thanks to grandparents for generously babysitting.
·         This week I got to go to Ottawa to visit my grandparents.  It was great to see them.  I miss them tremendously living so far away.
·         Not only did I get to visit my grandparents, I got to spend five quality hours in a car each way with my mom and Erik.
·         You should check out my mom’s blog at  She has posted a commentary about her version of the trip.
·         Wayne took the other two kids camping for a couple of days.  He says that they had a good time.
·          I get all of the kids next week as Wayne is headed to Baltimore for a conference Sunday – Wednesday.    Hope he has a great trip and gets back quickly.
·         We also have trips planned to the Zoo & Centre Island for next week.  It is going to be busy.
·         I can’t believe Wayne typed these and basically stuck to the script. 
·         On a related note: Wayne is the best writer on ActingBalanced.  Okay, so I couldn’t make it the whole way though.

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