Camping with Kids - A Few Survival Suggestions

This week I took two of the kids camping for a couple of nights.  With this camping trip came some interesting lessons.  Here are five tips:

  1. Have a plan during set up time.  In our case, I saved a new sand toy to occupy Liam while we put up tent. He played buzzdozer and dump truck for the 1 1/2 hours it took to set up the campsite.
  2. Kids = messy food which also = curious and hungry animals...
    1. Robyn found this out the hard way when a raccoon came into her tent in the middle of the night to get the bag of chips she was keeping in there for her midnight snack.
  3. Ask about hiking routes.  Remember to ask about:

    1. Distance -  I knew now Liam can make it about 1.5 miles and then will beg to be carried;
    2. Grade (how much climbing is involved) - This tires them out quicker and it is harder to carry them do a steep slope and or in our case a cliff; and
    3. Terrain (what kind of ground you will cover) - Liam found every puddle on our hike.   
  4. Remember to take frequent breaks when hiking - it also helps if you pack snacks and drinks for said breaks.
  5. Don't use an iPad to take pictures - it is too cumbersome and pictures are a real power drain.  
    1. It is however, great to have during rain storms to watch a movie on while waiting it out in the tent.
      1. Also while movies drain iPad power fast, visual kids books like the App for The Cat in the Hat do not.  They are great for keeping kids entertained.

You just can't get a great zoom on an iPad camera...You can't see the great rock sculpture on the island there very well.