Book Review: Can't Buy Me Love by Molly O'Keefe

Sometimes the planets align and you find out that the world is much smaller than you truly know... Every summer I pack up the whole family and we head home to Toronto to visit family and friends... and last year my mother stumbled upon a house in her neighborhood, while walking Erik in the stroller,with a box of books out front that said "Free - please take"  It was a variety of great summer reads, so my up several books and chatted with the lady of the house for a few minutes...

Fast forward to this spring, while she was out walking again and she met up with the same lady and got chatting about books... come to find that the woman was an author named Molly O'Keefe and the books she receives are from her publisher and she often has several books to share around...

My mom is a chatty girl in her own right and mentioned my blog and that I do a few book reviews... so the author shared advanced reader copies of her upcoming books so my mom was really excited to call me and tell me that she had books for us to read by Molly O'Keefe... that I was already reading as digital ARC's that I had received from the publisher and had already slotted in to my schedule to review...

Now that I've shared my story... I'll get on with telling you about Can't Buy Me Love, which goes on sale tomorrow (June 26th)

From the Publisher:
A beautifully written contemporary romance about second chances at life and at love, set on a booming cattle ranch in Texas-perfect for readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Susan Mallery, and Rachel Gibson.

Tara Jean Sweet knows who she is-white trash, through and through-and she also knows she'll never let any man steal her heart. So when elderly Lyle Baker takes her under his wing, giving her a stake in his leather business, she agrees to help the dying man out by playing the part of his fiance. He's putting on the act in an effort to drive his grown-up children back to his ranch in Texas; he knows they want his fortune, and won't let him marry the buxom blonde. His plan works, and soon Luc, a ridiculously handsome hockey star, shows up, along with his half-sister Victoria. When Luc and Tara meet, the sparks are immediate and blinding, and their fates are further tied together by the strange terms of Lyle's will. But can their connection survive the truth about Tara Jean's past?

My Review:

This is a great story about how appearances can be deceiving and getting to the truth can be a roller coaster. You might be lulled into thinking this is going to be a fluffy romantic comedy in the first few chapters, but as you get into the book you find out it is so much more! The characters who seem like they might be just a little cliche evolve before your eyes as a sinister presence takes hold and threatens the whole household.  This book has several twists and turns that make it a fun and fast paced read that keeps you going from beginning to end and lets you learn about the characters as they learn about each other.

Having also had a chance to read the sequel, Can't Hurry Love that comes out July 31st, I can tell you that while the story of Luc and Tara Jean gets all tied up in this book, there's definitely more to the whole picture and you're going to want to add both of these great books to your TBR pile!

About the Author:

MOLLY O'KEEFE published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn't looked back. She's published several books with Harlequin. Originally from Chicago, she now lives with her husband and young son in Toronto, Ontario.

Disclaimer: Both my mom and I received ARC's of this book.  All opinions are my own.