My latest addiction... CelebrityMe for Facebook!

I really do try to stay away from addictive games on Facebook, but especially the past few weeks where I've been so busy chasing Erik down, I've been finding that I need an outlet to be able to just sit back, relax and enjoy a little indulgence... and I've found it in CelebrityMe - the latest game craze on Facebook...

  • You play by attending parties, getting gigs, gaining fans and more and they'll be unlocking additional city sections as you grow, so you'll have new and exciting things to try! Each city section includes new gigs and celebrity adventures.
  • The idea of CelebrityMe is to fulfill the fantasy of many: to be a star.  The designers are striving to make this experience as "real" as possible and have real-world partners including Titanic 3D and Taylor Guitars in the game already.  It's a great way to stay 'in the know' about what is going on in Hollywood - what new movies and trends are happening because they're incorporated right into the game!

  • One of the most unique things about CelebrityMe is the player's ability to cast your friends in the starring roles.  Each time a player completes a "gig" (photoshoot, movie, music performance, or social party), a unique mini movie is created that can be shared on your Facebook wall and by including your friend's characters, you can share all the fun with them!  

I personally love that you can earn fame and money and then spend it on fun clothes or other accessories and new adventures and that you can do so many different things within the game!  It really is a great way to escape your everyday life and spend some time being a 'diva'!

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Disclaimer: This is a compensated review post.  All opinions are my own.