Heading to PA this summer? We are!

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One of the things that Wayne and I love to do on our trips home to Canada is mix it up a bit... the sixteen plus hour drive can be pretty daunting if we don't find fun things for all of us to do - both adults and kids... sometimes we just let the GPS guide us to something fun - be it a park, playground or museum, but more often than not, I like to have at least a few concrete ideas about where we can stop!
Our usual route takes us from Charleston, through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York to home in Ontario, but we sometimes mix it up and go up the East Coast or head a little further west to explore ...

This year however, we're playing it pretty straight because we're starting our vacation at Reviewer's Retreat in Charlotte and we're planning to drive straight through from there to Pennsylvania on the first part of our journey before looking for something fun to do with the kids before continuing on the last five or six hours to get to the grandparents...
One of the sites that I've been finding helpful has these great pa-roadtrips on there and you can search by type of trip and also see where each of those trips is located... I've been debating about which one sounds best for us - the Trails Mix trip featuring All Natural Pennsylvania, the Small Town Charmy featuring Big Times in Small Towns or maybe we'll head a little further off the beaten path for the Shutterbugs tour called the Picture Perfect Road Trip (if I were travelling with my Dad, this would definitely be the trip I pick, but I know that Wayne and Robyn are both shutterbugs too so if we can keep the boys in line, this might be a great trip for all of us)
We may not have time to complete a whole Road Trip this time, but I love how they are laid out - with everything you need right there - accommodation, dining and attractions all laid out and mapped out so I don't even have to think.. just point the car in the right direction and away we go!  The only thing I wish is that there were more choice in the accommodations - sometimes the suggestion is a B&B and I know that with my kids we're better off in more classic motel or hotel layouts.. I'd also love it if they had ratings about whether the activities were kid friendly or not ... although there are kid specific roadtrips, not everything about our travels has to be about them... as long as they have room to run, they don't really care what we adults (and teenager) are doing...
Which of the roadtrips would you love to take?  Who would you take with you?  Have you visited or explored Pennsylvania before?  Any tips?
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