Friday Fragments

It's time to dust off the few remaining brain cells and try to unscramble the frags hanging out between the sleeping neurons... all while trying to make some amount of sense ... then hook up with:
Mommy's Idea

I am thankful that my parents journey here was fairly smooth... or as smooth as travel can be during 'construction season'  I'm excited that they'll be here to hang out with us and the kids (well mostly the kids) while I get everything ready for our travels!

Speaking of travels, starting today (Friday) I'm launching my Travelling with Kids event - watch out for lots of great posts and advice about travelling!

Wayne has been incredibly busy this week and doing great things... but it means that we haven't spent much time together... hopefully we can carve a few hours out for ourselves on Wednesday - it's our 14th anniversary... (hint to potential babysitters hanging out in our guest room)

Robyn had a busy week this week - she helped out tremendously with the book fair, did several end of year projects and then took a trip to College of Charleston with her class... here's a news article about their visit

Erik is growing into his nicknames... Trouble, Dennis the Menace and Bam Bam... I wonder if we change his nicknames to more restful and peaceful images he'd slow down... probably not...

Liam has spent the week missing the school bus... not school itself, but the bus ride... he's confused because Robyn is still going to school... only 13 weeks until he heads back...

I only got three hours sleep last night and I'm baked and fried, so I'll leave you with this short frag and hope you have a wonderful weekend!