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It's been a busy week here in the AB house and when I had a chance to connect with this week's interviewee we only had time for a shortened interview... we'll be back to the 9 at 9 format next week, but this week I want to thank Nikki from:

for agreeing to this shortened interview:
1. A little bit about my blog, well It's kinda random like my life. I'm a part time working mom of a crazy wild 2 year old little girl named Skylee. I'm a wife to a hard working, always has my laughing man named Scotty. I post lots of pictures of my family. I also post lots of pictures of my fur baby, pug puppy Sookie ( yes like the True Blood character). I'm also really into posting about my hair, make-up and nails. 
2. I have been blogging for almost 3 years. I started because my husband thought I should share my poetry. I continued because I wanted to share my life and help others. The thing I really love about blogging is the friends I have made. We may not live in the same town or even state, but they are truly my friends. 

3. If I could invite 4 people to a dinner party they would have to be, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Megan Fox, and Oprah. 
Kurt to sing for the party,  Marilyn to tell us stories of her live, Megan for the eye candy, and Oprah in hopes I could get a free car. 

4. I can't live without ... My phone, mascara, flip flops ( I wear them year around), and On Demand.  

5. Three of my Favorite Blogs are :
Young and Restless
Fabulous But Evil

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Thanks again Nikki for being interviewed this week! 

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