Acting Balanced Then and Now.... January 2011 to January 2012

Wow!  I was looking through some old emails and pitches today and was struck by just how much Acting Balanced has grown and changed since this time last year.... I've now been blogging for over two years and while I know that I still have lots to learn, I think I'm starting to get some things right...

As for growth... I couldn't believe it when I looked at a pitch from early January 2011 and it had these numbers:
"more than 1650 google connect followers, over 1050 twitter followers (@chascouponmom) and a combined reach of over 1050 on Facebook (personal and fan page)"

Just one short year later and Acting Balanced now has:

4400+ GFC Followers (and yes, I'm still on the blogger platform so you can keep registering with GFC :)
4800+ Feed followers
1600+ email subscribers
5000+ Facebook Fans
5900+ Twitter Followers
1200+ Google+ Followers

I want to thank you all for helping me reach such lofty goals... and now I'm reaching even further - my goals for 2012 are:

10000 Feed Followers
  5000 Email Subscribers
10000 Facebook Fans
10000 Twitter Followers
  5000 Google+ Fans

which means that I'll be working even harder to bring you good content, great reviews and fabulous giveaways!  If there's something you'd like to see more of, please let me know and I'll do my best to deliver!  If you're not yet subscribed by email, I recommend this option because it means you'll never miss a recipe, a giveaway or any cute pictures of my kids ;)

If you are a sponsor looking for a review, giveaway opportunity or a sponsored post, I'm always open to discussing how we can work together!