Friday Fragments

It's Friday again already... does time fly for you like it does for me?

I was watching Erik stretch out on the floor today and it shocked me just how big he's getting... he's huge!  He's also leaning out a lot... I think that may be contributing to his sleeplessness - maybe some growing pains to go with the teething...

Liam is having some ups and downs - he totally misses the routine of school, but he's loving having his Papa here to play with - and he's finally getting into Christmas - he's going around singing O Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman - it's too cute for words!

Robyn... she and I went shopping downtown today and she dressed up for the occasion... in heels she's taller than me now... of course I wasn't going traipsing around all over downtown in heels... but darn it... she's growing up too fast!  And then I got the second blow... a reminder that in 8 short months I'll have a high schooler... her acceptance letter came - she got into her first choice of schools!
She'll be going to Academic Magnet HS - it's one of the top ranked high schools in the country and she totally fell in love with the culture of the school and the kids when we went for our tour... I think she'll be able to be herself and find some great friends as well as a challenging program of study while she's there.

For me, it means trying to figure out a new set of logistics... after this year where I've been spoiled by door to door and neighborhood to door bus service for both kids, I'll be back to having to shuttle her somewhere... unless of course we can figure out how to budget for a second vehicle...

I can't believe it's only two days until Christmas - I haven't started wrapping the mountain of gifts that I've got squirreled away... guess I know what I'll be doing today :)

I've also got a turkey defrosting in the cooler and the makings of a yummy Christmas dinner ready.. I debated about whether to follow my Oma's tradition of Christmas Eve dinner or my Grandmother's of Christmas Day dinner... and this year we're going with Christmas Eve - that way I can bake, make, cook, and then wait for Santa to arrive - and Christmas Day we can have a lovely brunch and then leftovers and a pot of chili or stew to keep us busy and if I need to sneak off for an after Christmas morning nap... I can

I had a pretty bizzare day yesterday - well actually the day was good, but when the sun went down... an entire shelf of dishes fell out of the cupboard and all around me when I was trying to cook dinner... most of my platters and some plastic dishes did not survive the crash... luckily I did - just some minor cuts to me and my stovetop... and thousands of shards of glass and plastic... all because a shelf pin failed...  after that Erik didn't settle too well and sometime in the middle of the night I was inspired to write a little post about what I really want for Christmas this year - if you need a laugh today you should click here and check it out.

Well, I'm off to start wrapping some gifts so I'll catch you next week for the last FF.  For all of my friends who started celebrating Hanukkah this week, I wish you a happy one and for all of those who will be celebrating Christmas this weekend, I wish you happy and merry too!

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