Christmas Candy & Drinks for after the Christmas Play with #MurphyUSA and #CBias

Thursday night is the annual Christmas Play at Robyn's school - they're performing "The Christmas Angel" and while Robyn doesn't have a role in this year's production, we're heading out to be part of the audience and support several of her good friends who will be acting their hearts out!

On my way home from picking up Wayne from the bus stop, I stopped for gas at Murphy USA and while I was there, an idea struck - I had some frozen cookie dough that I could use to make some yummy treats for Thursday night!  On top of that, a few people wanted some instructions about the Stained Glass Cookie recipe I posted, so I went looking for some hard candy to take some frustration out on - you can check out my whole shop and some more baking pics in my Google+ Album

But I found some great Sathers candy for just 2/$1.00 - these lemon drops and some yummy peppermint ones too!

And of course - the quintessential Life Savers - not on sale, but worth paying full price for!

I also grabbed some Sam's Club Sodas as a special treat - and getting two meant getting a better deal!

 Once I got home, I separated out the red and green lifesavers and took out some of the day's frustrations:

After letting the dough defrost and come to almost room temperature - it was ready to start rolling...

and cutting:

Then I took a smaller cookie cutter to make the inset for the candy:

Fill all of the cookies with yummy candy centers!

Bake them up in a 350F oven for 10 minutes and get some yummy results:

After we made our cut-outs we still had some more dough, so Robyn decided to make a wreath - she used the Star cookie cutters and laid large stars on the bottom and smaller stars on top... then covered it in decorator sugar and sprinkles:

She baked it for 10 minutes and then decorated it with some more of the lifesavers candy:

I love that Murphy USA is so convenient - they've got a great selection of treats for after the play or whatever you are doing!  You can also keep up with them by following Murphy USA on Twitter or 'liking' Murphy USA on Facebook.  

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own.”